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N&C are pleased to announce the launch of our new porcelain wall and floor tile range, Gloucester. With the increasingly popular Shabby Chic trend we continue to widen our tile collection, offering you a new range of tiles which complement our existing encaustic ranges, such as Lincoln, Chichester, Rochester, Truro, Ely Colours and many more. 


Make a border out of the tiles

There are many ways to use different coloured tiles in an effective way. Mix and match the Gloucester tile colours to create a decorative border around a room with a vibrant colour with slightly lighter toned tiles surrounding. 


Create a statement wall or floor

Create a great visual impact within a room with a different colour tiled wall or floor, using our  Gloucester tile range. Having different coloured floor and walls can create a huge statement throughout a project, making it become extremely modern. With our new range of tiles, you can create a statement whilst ensuring that the colours all contrast within the room.


For more information on this range, contact us on 0208 586 4600.

N&C are pleased to announce that they are the exclusive UK distributor of Gulfstone Quartz tile collection. This popular range, is now available for delivery as well as collection from all of our 18 nationwide stores with special orders also available.


Gulfstone Quartz is a distinctive styled tile range recognised as the best quartz nationwide. This range works perfectly in any kind of environment, whether that be commercial or domestic and on various kinds of surfaces, meeting a host of specific purposes. Having been designed with delicate mirrored chips scattered throughout the body of each tile, this range creates the most desired look as the mirrored chips catch the light at every opportunity. 


This range is available in 16 colours, allowing you to choose between a more modern on-trend look with Black Opal, Pearl White and Silver Grey or offering you the chance to be adventurous with vibrant colours such as Jordan Pink, Salalah Lime Green, Ruby Red and much more. All of these colours can be ordered in various sizes such as…

600 x 600mm

300 x 600mm

300 x 300mm


Produced using industry leading technology from Breton S.P.A of Italy the product can be defined as a high density material as it is made of granules of high grade quartz/silica (93%) blended with engineered polyester resin, an organic compound as a binding agent.


N&C have also introduced a new Stick Mosaic to the range, incorporating a design which has been used to break up the Gulfstone Mirror Quartz tiles whilst adding a striking look to the room. This design can also help to create a subtle sparkling look amongst N&C’s plain coloured tiles such as Ultimate White, Super White/Black, Rectified White and many more.


For more information on this range, please contact N&C on 0208 586 4600.