Bathrooms & Wet Rooms

Whether a retail or commercial setting, our expectations in today’s modern bathroom have been raised as we seek to find a mix of style, comfort, inspiration and functionality in the overall bathroom design as well the products in it. 

Our Sanitaryware collection has been designed specifically to deliver quality bathroom products at competitive prices. From entry level to the epitome of style, our broad range of sanitaryware products have been developed with the increasing needs of today’s marketplace in mind and designs to suit all tastes. Our sanitaryware, taps and showers are approved by the Water Regulatory Association (W.R.A.S.) and the Water Regulators Council (W.R.C.), to ensure that we continuously deliver quality products, as standard, to all our customers.

Sustainability is a core part of the company agenda. We have continued to invest in product development and solutions dedicated to water conservation, such as waterless systems, Ecoflow cartridges in taps and mixers, through to reduced water consumption and capacity in toilets and bathtubs as just some of the solutions we offer. 

Wet rooms are fast becoming the epitome of style for those seeking a relaxing environment with the freedom of movement, open living and minimalist design. A wet room is an open showering area that seamlessly blends into the rest of the bathroom, creating a level access floor with no obstructions or steps, with all drainage set into the floor. The result is the creation of a beautiful, uncluttered floor that is easy to maintain and instantly increases the value of properties.

Nicholls & Clarke are unique in being able to combine manufacturing facilities in order to offer a ‘Total Wet Room Solution’. Using our experience, we have created a complete wet room system which ensures peace of mind, because each component is designed to work in harmony with each other to create a cost effective, easy to install solution which is watertight, practical and easy to maintain.


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