Fast Track Bathroom Installations

Bathroom installations are made easy with our innovative quality products including Nicobond Tile Backer Board, Nicobond Pipe Covers, Nicobond Plastic Ply and N&C Easy Fit Bath Frames. Save time and money over traditional standard methods with our flexible solutions which are ideal for any kind of bathroom or wet room project.

Working on a bathroom installation and require a quick and efficent finish? Watch our Fast Track Bathroom Installation Video which features our essential products, whilst offering you all of the information and step by steps you may need.


Nicobond Tile Backer Board

- 87kg/m2 weight loading

- Insulating properties

- Class O fire rated

- High U value

- Improves undertile heating


Nicobond Pipe Covers

- Perfect fit for soil sacks

- Fitted within minutes

- Lightweight and easy to cut

- Ready to tile or paint over

- Thermally insulated

- Waterproof and flame retardant


Nicobond Plastic Ply

- Easy to cut and install

- Self adhesive sheets

- Strong durable material

- Ready to tile onto immediately

- Size of sheet 600 x 500mm

- Thickness: 2mm

- Moisture resistant

- Time saving

- Compatible with undertile heating

- Does not rot or warp


N&C Easy Fit Bath Frame

- Saves time and money

- No trade skill needed

- Fully adjustable

- Manufactured from ABS

- Re-useable

- Pre drilled feet at 45° angle for ease of installation


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