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A client chooses the Nicobond Terra Level Pedestal System and N&C Porcelain Paving for their tiling project

Case Study – J Sands Services

A client of ours visited our Harlow store on a Tuesday.  He had been asked to fit a tiled floor to a balcony/ roof terrace and have the job completed by the end of the weekend.  After consultation with one of our trained staff, he ordered 25m² of N&C Landscape Pearl Grey Rectified 600x600x20mm tiles with an anti-slip PTV36+ surface, 100 TL1 1cm tile supports and 2 bags of TL3 shims.  The materials were delivered on Saturday morning and the job was completed that weekend.  He returned the unused pedestal parts to our store for a refund on the Monday morning.

So thats 25m² of external paving fitted on site in under 2 days by an installer that had never used the system before and the customer can use straight away.  

Nicobond Terra-Level is the ultimate choice for external tiling.

“I was able to approach, enquire and order my goods from N&C with delivery of 25m2 of 2cm porcelain paving and the required Nicobond Terra Level Pedestal System the following day. The whole thing was easy to install, with dry fit installation all I needed was a spirit level and my cutter so was finished within 48 hours from enquiry. I’m very impressed with the system and it means that my clients can now have access to attractive external porcelain paving quickly to make use of the outdoors. The system also opens up a great opportunity for us tilers also.”

Jamie Sands, 

Harlow, Essex