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Nicobond Plastic Ply™ – Easy installation for tiling onto timber floors

Nicobond Plastic Ply™ is a revolutionary flooring solution to fixing tiles and natural stone to timber floors. This innovative product prevents tiles and grout from cracking by reducing the effects of timber shrinkage, warping and rotting. We have ensured that this product is easy to cut and use, is cost effective and is simple and easy to install.


Simply follow our step by step guide for quick and easy installation of this product.


Step 1: Ensure that the timber floorboards or chipboards/plywood is screwed down at a maximum of 300mm centres.

Step 2: Ensure that your surface is clean and dust free. Prime the timber surfaces with diluted Nicobond Universal Bonding Agent and Sealer in the ratio of 4 parts by volume of water to 1 part by volume of UBAS and allow to dry. 

Step 3: To reduce deflection and increase stability, overlay the timber floor with Nicobond Plastic Ply in a brick like formulation. Remove the backing sheet for self-adhesive fixing.

Step 4: Using the straight edge of a notched trowel, float a layer of recommended adhesive over the Nicobond Plastic Ply to ensure the voids are filled in to produce a smooth surface.

Step 5: If you would like to create a luxurious feel within your project lay out the Undertile Heating wire or mat (also available from N&C) and tape into position.

Step 6: To prevent damage to the heating wires during the tiling process it is recommended to encapsulate the wires with a layer of either Nicobond ScreedPro Latex with Latex Flex Liquid or the appropriate tile adhesive.

Step 7: Bed the tiles in to the appropriate adhesive and fill joints between tiles using the recommended grout.

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