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N&C’s Fire Safety Range: Save lives, Save assets

In today’s society, it has been brought to light that many buildings have failed their Fire Safety Assessment Programmes.


Fire safety equipment is an essential requirement for all public buildings, offices, factories, and warehouses as they are part of the buildings passive fire protection system.


N&C Building Materials have a wide range of fire safety products including:


Fire doors – A fire resistant door that prevents the spread of a fire.


Intumescent strips – When heat gets to a certain temperature the graphite filament expands which seals the door inside the frame. There are two types of strips, Plain Fire (which has a standard graphite element) and Cold Smoke Strips (which are designed with a brush that prevents cold smoke spreading).


Hinge pads – Each fire door is required to have hinge pads on each hinge leaf, which must be placed behind the door hinges to prevent the hinge from failing and fire breaking through and spreading.


Door closers – Fire doors can only protect against fire when they are in a closed position, therefore door closers are an essential part of fire safety. Our door closers have been CERTIFIRE tested and approved to be compatible throughout all installations.


Furniture – We offer a range of fire tested furniture such as handles, pull handles, door locks and cases, cylinders and hinges which are tested to meet both FD30 (30 minutes) and/or FD60 (60 minutes).


Fire glass – This type of glass is designed to tolerate high temperature without melting. We supply a range of fire resistant glass options from clear fire resistant glass to wired fire resistant glass and fire glass DGU’s.



At N&C Building Materials we will be offering training classes for fire door installations, these will be available to Contractors, Housing Associations and Local Authorities. The aim of the training will be to educate those of the importance and need for specification of fire safety products in order to prevent the spread of a fire throughout any kind of building.


Get protected with our N&C fire door range today. Contact us on 0208 586 4600 or email us at to find out more about our fire safety range and training classes.