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Why Function and Design are equally important

N&C Phlexicare focus on the functionality of our products, however that does not mean that we forget about the design of them. Our range consists of a variety of independent living solution products suitable for all users, whether they have a disability or are elderly and need a little more support. N&C Phlexicare invented many of the products within the independent living solutions market, such as the raised height W.C pan, low entry shower tray and half height shower doors. However, when creating these, we never dismissed the way it looked.


It seems that many products created within this market place are made in a discriminative way. For instance, instead of a standard attractive shower, showers are being made without no thought with regards to the design and the look of them. We constantly find disability products which have been designed in a way to reduce costs, but this is not the way to design any invention.


N&C Phlexicare have an inclusive design for all products, making them attractive and desirable for users. We ensure that all creations are made with functionality and design in mind despite how much the cost is. We constantly try to improve the features of our products to make them more suitable for our consumers. For example, our Pro Doors have recently been improved for better use with a new heavy duty hinge for greater stability.


N&C Phlexicare have spent over 40 years supplying the building industry a total solution for all its access and adaptation requirements. We continue to create products which are suitable for the market whilst making sure they are attractive too. We can only hope that others bare this in mind when designing things for the Independent Living Solutions market.