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NEW Geberit AquaClean Mera Care Shower Toilet


N&C are pleased to introduce the NEW Geberit AquaClean Mera Care Shower Toilet to their independent living solutions portfolio. The new addition offers unrivalled comfort and convenience for users and carers. The new, sleek design means that it blends nicely into attractive bathroom environments without the clinical look whilst the developed hygienic features also means that there is total peace of mind. 


Hygiene at its best

AquaClean Mera Care takes hygiene to a whole new level featuring the WhirlSpray power technology which allows for a complete thorough clean, whilst being incredibly gentle with a supply of warm water. A lady wash option is also available allowing for an even more gentle wash. 

Personal to you

A personal well-being programme is also incorporated throughout the design, to ensure that each user can adjust the toilet to suit their preferences. Using the remote control or AquaClean app, multiple settings can be adjusted including the spray settings, allowing you to change the temperature and intensity of your wash, the spray arm positioning, the duration or your washing and drying and more. Each user’s preference can be saved as a profile to avoid you having to readjust after another person has used the facility. 



Total control 


The shower toilet offers you a variety of ways to control its functionality, so you can determine which one is easiest and most convenient for you. You can activate the ‘wash and dry cycle’ by the push button panel positioned at the side of the toilet or by the remote control. There is also a touchless remote wall mounted remote which is hands free and built with a sensor which will detect your movement for those who have limited or no use of their hands or arms, which will start washing and drying automatically through its intelligent and practical design. 


Other features and benefits of Aqua Clean Mera Care include:

- Orientation light in a range of colours  

- Touchless automatic mechanism for the WC lid

- WC seat heating 

- Odour extraction to make sure you always have a fresh bathroom environment

- Rimless ceramic pan with TurboFlush technology 

- Handy and clearly laid-out remote control

- Monolith frame 

- Barrier free mode 

- Simple to use remote control with four functions

- Continuous 1-minute warm wash - duration can be altered if necessary 

- Pre flush  

- Automatic de-scale 

- Toilet seat lid available as an extra


N&C are long established partners distributing Geberit products for over 18 years.  For more information on the new Geberit AquaClean Mera Care Shower Toilet or to make an enquiry please contact us today.