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Accessible solutions for commercial spaces

N&C Phlexicare play a vital role in the industry in providing accessible solutions to the disabled and ambulant community. Ensuring that our solutions meet the needs of British Standards, we have been heavily involved in research prior to the design of our Document M solutions. We had assisted in devising British Standards such as BS8300: 2009 in order to ensure full compliance with the Disability Discriminations Act, superseded by the Equality Act. Our fully compliant Document M Packs are equipped with all of the necessary components included. 


Building regulations say that “Wheelchair users should be able to approach, transfer to, and use the sanitary facilities available within a building. This requires the provision of a wheelchair accessible unisex toilet in which should be compliant with the British Standard BS 8300 February 2009 + A1:2010 Edition, that focuses on the design of buildings and their approaches to meet the needs of disabled people”. 


As well as reliability and confidence our range also offers the complete package, making it easier for specifiers to source all of the products needed from one manufacturer.


All of the products featured within N&C Phlexicare's Document M Packs including shelving, levers, drop down rails, comfort height toilets, basins, thermostatic mixer taps, and accessories are all specialist products, designed and manufactured to meet the specific requirements. Many of the components which are a vital part of these packs have indeed been manufactured by N&C Phlexicare, as they have and continue to develop and manufacture items to meet the necessary criteria and needs of individuals, whilst ensuring that users remain comfortable and feel safe at all times.


Positioning of the equipment is also vital when installing an accessible unisex toilet, in fact if the specific requirements are not met, the installation can be classed as non-compliant. The BS8300 is very prescriptive in the measurements given and requirements, therefore N&C Phlexicare have carried out extensive research to ensure that our solutions allow for users to be able to reach the activities at a comfortable height when installed as per the technical drawing which comes complete with all of the Document M Packs.


N&C Phlexicare offer a range of M Packs, to suit different needs, requirements and designs. Contact us today on 0208 586 4600 to find out more, or alternatively you can email