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Say goodbye to Limescale and Corrosion with NoCalc!

Say goodbye to limescale and corrosion with our brand new innovative water treatment system, NoCalc.


NoCalc protects an entire household from limescale and corrosion, whilst ensuring that vital mineral found in water Is not stripped away. The patented dosing mechanism used throughout this system cleverly adds a food grade substance to the water flow, forming a coat around the Calcium and Magnesium. This helps to prevent the limescale sticking to and concreting on heating elements reducing the cost of heating bills for households. The technology used within this system has created a completely safe way for just one water flow for both appliances within the home, whilst also being safe for drinking according to the WHO and FAO recommendations.  


NoCalc is already recommended by professional plumbers due to the obvious advantages compared to other alternate, traditional water systems on the market such as…


  • Easy to fit and requires no electricity
  • Does not waste water, as it does not need to be flushed for regeneration
  • Is cheap to buy and run
  • Overall is more environmentally friendly
  • Leaves important minerals available in water for the body to use
  • Needs no separate drinking water feed as NoCalc treated water is 100% safe to drink
  • Easy to maintain as cartridges are easy to change


This system is the total solution to protect any complete home, having great benefits on all appliances including in your kitchen where there may be a dish washer, kettle, taps, bathrooms where there will be taps, toilets, and maybe a bath, laundry or utility rooms where there may be an iron and washing machine, right up to your garage and loft where there may be garden taps, car washing equipment, water tanks, central heating or a boiler. 


How does it work?


This system is designed with a long life cartridge which can easily be replaced once the electronic low level sensor indicates that it needs replacing. Each cartridge normally allows for 40,000 litres of water to pass through at each given time.


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