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NEW N&C Alfresco porcelain paving, the 20mm outdoor living tile collection

The N&C Alfresco Porcelain Paving Collection features an abundance of inspiration and styles that allows you to add value to your property. Whatever the size or shape of your outside space, be that a garden, driveway, terrace or balcony, with N&C Alfresco Porcelain Paving, you cam transform it into a usable, luxurious looking space that will stay looking beautiful throughout its lifetime. The collection has been intelligently designed to connect your inside environment with the outdoors, achieving a smooth transition and expansion of space. Differentiate from the crowd through our vast collection of unique, attractive tile designs within the N&C Alfresco Porcelain Paving collection that includes ranges such as Chateau, Future Stone, Marble Stone, Wood Living, Land, and more.


Through high performance technical characteristics, the 20mm porcelain collection is low maintenance making it the optimum choice for outdoor spaces. It has superb strength, fade, frost and stain resistant with 20mm porcelain being 5 times stronger than regular porcelain! Using a raised height pedestal system such as the Nicobond Terra Level System, 20mm porcelain paving can be installed in a matter of days rather than weeks. The easy, dry-fit installation makes it a clean, fast and convenient. Furthermore, when compared to other alternative outdoor systems, this system is the most cost effective solution. As a scratch resistant material, 20mm porcelain paving is perfect for high traffic areas.


As one of the leading tile suppliers in the UK, we offer quality, inspirational tile designs in a variety of colours, textures, finishes and size formats. We offer the latest in design through innovative use of inkjet technology and manufacturing processes, whilst still meeting the most stringent budget requirements. With our Nationwide distribution centres, £10,000,000 stock availability and Nationwide delivery, we offer an unrivalled service and product availability to our clients.


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